Hospital Waste Management – P&SHC – Govt. of Punjab

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ARAR Innovations (Pvt.) Ltd. has been diligently managing services and operations for the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department of the Government of Punjab since 2017. Our ongoing project focuses on Hospital Infectious Waste Management Services across all 36 districts of Punjab, covering a network of 161 hospitals, including Non-Teaching District Headquarter Hospitals and Tehsil Headquarter Hospitals.

Initiated in November 2017, our Hospital Waste Management Services (HWMS) project has successfully implemented WHO, Environment Protection Department, and Hospital Waste Management Rules, 2014 standards across 160+ hospitals. We oversee HWM operations, including collection, storage, transportation, and disposal, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards in each hospital under the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department.

Operating and maintaining 26+ incinerators and incineration sites throughout Punjab, we uphold the highest standards of waste disposal. Our fleet of 37 purpose-built refrigerated yellow vehicles, equipped with ultra-modern online tracking devices, ensures the safe and efficient transportation of infectious waste, monitored through geo-fencing technology.

With over 8000+ training sessions conducted, we’ve trained over 1,000,000 individuals, including doctors, nurses, and other staff, on Hospital Waste Management protocols. A dedicated team of 850+ trained staff manages collection and incineration operations across all 161 hospitals, supported by back-end officials overseeing operational affairs.

Leveraging state-of-the-art waste management software, we’ve digitized the entire process, enabling online monitoring, updating, and data recording from collection to disposal in real-time. Through our efforts, over 9+ million kilograms of infectious hospital waste have been collected and incinerated in a scientific and traceable manner.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, our frontline warriors have collected and incinerated over 950,000+ kilograms of contagious infectious waste from corona patients, ensuring the safety of healthcare workers and the public. ARAR Innovations remains committed to pioneering advancements in infectious waste management, safeguarding public health and environmental integrity across Punjab’s healthcare landscape.

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