Hospital Waste Management – SHC&MED – Govt. of Punjab

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Embarking on a groundbreaking initiative, ARAR Innovations stands as a trailblazer in hospital infectious waste management across Pakistan. Partnering with the Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department – Govt. of Punjab, we are proud to announce our latest endeavor: spearheading Hospital Infectious Waste Management services for 49 prestigious Tertiary Care / Teaching Hospitals throughout Punjab.

Set to commence in January 2024, this service-based project marks a five-year commitment to delivering excellence in waste management. Aligned with the exacting standards set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Hospital Waste Management Rules 2014, our services ensure uncompromising quality and compliance.

Our holistic approach covers every facet of waste management, from staff training to collection, storage, transportation, and final disposal. With efficiency at the core, we leverage 12 disposal/incineration sites managed by the Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department, utilizing a fleet of 11 dedicated vehicles to seamlessly transport waste from all 49 hospitals.

Training is paramount to our mission, with mandatory sessions designed to instill a culture of professionalism and adherence to standard operating procedures among hospital staff.

Our workforce comprises over 450 meticulously trained individuals deployed across the network of hospitals, ensuring the timely and compliant execution of waste management tasks.

At the forefront of innovation, we introduce HIWMIS, a cutting-edge software solution revolutionizing data management. Through live dashboards, stakeholders gain real-time insights into field operations, empowering informed decision-making and efficient monitoring.

In collaboration with the Government of Punjab, ARAR Innovations takes pride in pioneering centralized and standardized hospital waste management services. Together, we usher in an era defined by efficiency, compliance, and environmental stewardship in healthcare waste management.

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